rb Multimedia Design

Design.Motion.Web  by Robert Baldwin

Client Evangelical Baptist Church

Date 2010-2014

VBS Posters

Vacation Bible School is a summer event held every year at my church for kids. We basically have a party ever weekday for one week - games, lessons, crafts, skits, singing, and snacks.

In order to advertise for this even they usually ask me to make a 11"x17" (or so) poster. I've done this for a number of years, but kept it to just three here.

Out of the Pit covered the Bible story of Joseph. I did all the drawing for the poster by hand and put alot of type design into the title - the "U" being a pit, the "t" being a cross, etc. It was also the first year we made our large lawn sign match the poster - "Out of the Pit" in plywood letters arranged the same way.

The Ark was a blast! I wanted the design to be minimal - following the simple six letter title, but also intense to match the extreme weather of a worldwide flood. I started with a painting on paper of flood waters and stormy skies. I then translated that to digital, throwing in the ark, lightning, and text.

Queen of Persia was all about the story of Esther, an action packed story with an evil villain, misled king, and heroic queen. There isn't a lot of technical detail here, but quite a bit of layering for a top down view of the kings table top.

Growing for God was about farming and growth, so it made perfect sense to show a landscape in the poster with rolling hills of flowers, crops and trees. What's different with this poster is that everything was actually a 3D object created in Maya and put together in Photoshop.