rb Multimedia Design

Design.Motion.Web  by Robert Baldwin

Client AmkaiSolutions

Date 2009-Present

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Amkai EMR UI

AmkaiCharts is an electronic medical record used at ambulatory surgery centers across the US. With the system comes a need for not only back-end developers, but front-end as well. I work as one of the front-end developers/analysts who take care of user interfaces and UI related programming.

We’re always creating new screens plenty of fields, so a lot of layout skill is necessary to optimize space and efficiency, while sticking to core design standards. Many times inventive and innovative solutions are needed when space has become too limited. This is when I like to try new ideas to create space and simplicity for the user.

I also do a lot of programming through this job as well. Some of my latest user interfaces involve using HTML/CSS in order to display information more nicely. I’ve also fully scripted interfaces when they were very list oriented.