rb Multimedia Design

Design.Motion.Web  by Robert Baldwin

Client Family Martial Arts

Date June 2011

Family Martial Arts

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Family Martial Arts is a local martial arts school that is well known in the community. They approached me for logo work and a new website.

Besides the website you're looking at right now, this is probably the biggest website project I've done on my own. It's mainly HTML/CSS scripting with a little Java. It has a good amount too it - homepage slideshow, a calendar grid, an interface with a blogger message board, and a little online store.

I also designed the graphics for the website, and re-designed their logo. Their former logo used the dragon and yin yang image, but it was a low resolution image and needed to be restored.

Family Martial Arts has been doing well now that they have a stronger and cleaner online presence. If you have a website or graphics that need to be fixed up send message and we'll talk.