rb Multimedia Design

Design.Motion.Web  by Robert Baldwin

Date December 2008

The Set Up

The idea behind this rather abstract video was to create some time lapses and weave them together to music. I also added an overall weird story of a sad valentine's day story.

The name "The Set Up" refers to all of the different objects being set up and thrown into cause and effects situations. Each time lapse was recorded on a video camera on a tripod... most at lower frame rates for several hours.

I made this while in college, and I still like it enough to post it. It was challenging to come up with ideas without knowing if they'd really turn into interesting time lapses, and only having one shot at them. In my opinion that ones that worked best were the silly putty man, and the candles. The frozen dyed vinegar melting into baking soda or the very little accumulated snowfall, not so much.