rb Multimedia Design

Design.Motion.Web  by Robert Baldwin

Date May 2009

The Black Fedora

Here is the synopsis: The Black Fedora follows the latest victim of a serial mind-killer. In an alternate reality where supernatural and psychological forces take precedence over what is physical, all one can do is hope the rumors are true... that a rescuer is coming.

This was an ambitious short film of mine with a cool story and really good video production work. I'm still pleased with it... except for having to use myself (a terrible actor) as the main character, which kind of makes the beginning slow... but keep watching!

There are visual effects mixed in everywhere, including text animation work for the blogger scene (3:00), real home movie footage (9:05), a chase scene (10:30) with an original score composed by my friend Kyle Okaly, and I don't even want to give away anything else after that.