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Design.Motion.Web  by Robert Baldwin

Date January 2012

The Sun and The Moon

Finally something in HD! I made this music video as a gift to my wife. It's pretty sappy, and the content probably won't mean much to you since you aren't us, but it's a good piece of editing.

There are a few tracks mixed together - moving nature shots, someone playing piano, the same someone walking around and waiting, and memories of the person walking around. I also did the audio track, playing the piano and singing.... which means that I have trouble watching this. Eh... I know it may be hard on the ears, but it is what it is.

The story behind this is also worth mentioning. I did this as a surprise gift, and when presented actually recreated the audio track while the video played. But the big thing is it was a surprise, so all the video was shot without her knowing I was directing a story around it.