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Design.Motion.Web  by Robert Baldwin

  • Out of the Pit

    VBS Posters

    This is a collection of poster ads I've designed for an annual Vacation Bible School event. See More

  • You have an ability to sense and know a higher truth.

    Fortune Cookies

    Here's what happens when you make a typography project out of whatever your fortune might say. See More

  • Raise our Roof

    Evangelical Baptist Church

    An assortment of identity and print materials made for Evangelical Baptist Church. See More

  • Wedding identity and print


    I did all design and printing work for my wedding - invitations, cards, envelopes, programs, etc. See More

  • Advanced Home Cleaning

    Advanced Home Cleaning

    This was a job for a tri-fold brochure and letterhead, along with brand conception for a private cleaning business. See More

  • Video FX Reel

    Video FX Reel

    This is basically a trailer for The Black Fedora, but also acts as my video/visual effects reel. Watch Video

  • A Godly Legacy

    A Godly Legacy

    This is a documentary I wrote, directed, and produced covering the full 60 year history of Evangelical Baptist Church. Watch Video

  • 3D Animation Reel

    3D Animation Reel

    This is my 3D demo reel, a general compilation of modeling, texturing, and animation samples. Watch Video

  • Polar Panoramas

    Polar Panoramas

    In this project I photographed panoramas and created a really cool effect by digitally transforming them into spheres. See More